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Support the show. Support me. Support Life. Buy things, give me space to work or donate.


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The chance to own your very own magnet. As seen on stage and in the show! Soon on TV! Each one hand crafted with love and obsession. Custom orders accepted. Three euro each or 2 for five euro.

For all orders place send an email to -

Stating the quantity you desire and your address. All payments by bank transfer (you'll have to trust me).


Selection of magnets works on a lucky dip system (apart from custom orders).


Many more and different designs available!



Want 'Terrible for President' stickers?

Send a mail to -

With your address and something else (you can choose what).



If you have advanced beyond the need for material things, or even if you haven't, offer me a space to work in and the time to work in it and in exchange I will make a presention of the show 'Terrible for president A.K.A. 1,2,3, fnord A.K.A The show with two names'

Contact me at -

With any and all offers!

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