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BENDABLE. FLEXIBLE. A show that is adaptable and modulable. Out of desire and necessity.

5 minutes or 24 hours (or more?)

In your bathroom or in a Las Vegas Theatre

And everything/where/body else in between!

No space is to big or too small, too short or too long. Within reason of course. No need to exagerate. But its not forbidden.

I WANT to perform for you, and your friends if you have any. For money. Or for something else. Make me an offer I can't refuse. Contact me here.

What is this "show"?

Too lazy to read the text? Click here!

Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Half lies, half stories. Nothing to say and three million ways to say it. A spectacle, if you are lucky. A car crash in slow motion, if you are lucky. You are LUCKY. Roll up, Roll up! Come one, come all. A family friendly show containing extreme violence, graphic nudity and gratuitous drug use, maybe. Fun for all ages! Free parking for UFOs and popes.


Needlessly bringing together two worlds which have lived happily side by side for centuries; Circus and Sideshow. Forced together on the same stage by a rambling and meandering sideshow talker. Slipping from one subject to another without effort and without grace. From philosophy to nuclear war. From cryogenic freezing to love. From bicycles to potatoes. All the while performing stunts and feats of dubious quality. No subject is too big or too small.


Taking inspiration in equal measure from poorly written science fiction, especially The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, and current affairs this show glorifies the paradox and the contradiction. Making fiction of the truth and truth out of fiction. Everything is true, in a certain sense. False, in a certain sense. Meaningless, in a certain sense. True and false, in a certain sense. True and meaningless, in a certain sense. False and meaningless, in a certain sense. And true and false and meaningless, in a certain sense.

Want video evidence? Click here!

Still don't understand what this "show" is?

To be honest with you neither do I. Seeing is believing. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And other empty platitudes.

Leaving apart the "esoteric" and the "artistic". This show is one person on stage with many costumes and many objects. They will talk, insert objects into bodily orifices and maybe even juggle.

That's about it. An honest description of the "show". Honesty is the best policy.

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